Who am I ?

My first name, Alma, means Apple. This fruit thus followed me since my earliest childhood…

My craftsmanship

In my workshop boutique on the Island of Outremeuse in Liege, I welcome my customers...

My values

An impeccable quality, an unfailing trust, a decent price...

Who am I ?

The apple and I…

My first name, Alma, means Apple. This fruit thus followed me since my earliest childhood… From my cradle to my clothes, I have always been covered in apples. Therefore, choosing as logo and hallmark of signature an apple was obvious.

Studies and I…

After a few years at the university, I was still not satisfied by the studies I had undertaken. Fortunately, during a trip abroad, I discovered the trade of craftsman jeweler. A real revelation ! So, I started new studies, Business Manager – Craftsman Jeweler at “Château Massart” in Liege, carried out thousands of hours of internships in different workshops and various trainings of specialization… to open in May 2011, my workshop boutique on the Island of Outremeuse in Liege.

The art and I…

Although technical, this fabulous trade is nevertheless very artistic. Blending the materials, the colors, the shapes and the textures for the greatest delight of my customers, opens me out every day… I love making custom-made jewelry, 100% designed and manufactured in Belgium.

My craftsmanship

An exclusive welcome

In my workshop boutique on the Island of Outremeuse in Liege, I welcome my customers every day from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm by appointment only. Around a good coffee or around an organic tea, we take the time to discuss together the project of jewelry which is dear to their hearts. I also take this opportunity to introduce them to my workshop and my traditional tools.

Custom-made creations

I guide my customers in a unique experience during the realization of the piece of jewelry of their dreams. From a sketch, a photograph, or even from old gold, precious stones or other family inheritances, I make custom jewelry we design together, whatever it might be: a ring (of engagement), earrings, a necklace, cufflinks, etc. I also do repairs, restorations and transformations of existing jewelry dear to their owner. Check out my previous custom-made creations!

Limited edition collections

As the seasons and the trends go by, I also create jewelry in limited edition that my customers can try and buy in my workshop boutique. Let yourself be tempted by my latest collections !

Workshops for the creation of jewelry

For my customers who wish to live an apprentice craftsman jeweler experience, I propose them workshops for the creation of jewelry, individually or in a small group. Laminating, hammering, sawing, sanding and polishing, these are the initiatory doings of the trade that I transmit with patience and a lot of pleasure.

Raw materials carefully selected.

For the manufacturing of my creations and collections, I choose very carefully metals (gold, silver and platinum), precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc.), pearls and other raw materials (leather, glass, silk, cotton, etc.)…my only desire being to satisfy at best my customers according to their budget. Furthermore, allergenic materials are prohibited from my productions.

My values

An impeccable quality

Carefully selected raw materials and a precise and fiddly manufacturing allow me to offer my customers jewelry of an impeccable quality.

An unfailing trust

Because to deserve the trust of my customers is my main objective, I open the doors of my workshop during every moment of the manufacturing of a custom-made piece of jewelry, I hallmark twice my jewelry as collateral and signature, I can have metals and precious stones certified by specialized independent laboratories, etc.

A decent price

By offering customized jewelry designed and manufactured in my workshop, and by favoring ultra-short supply chain of raw materials, my customers have the best value for money for the custom-made creation of the piece of jewelry so much desired.